Thomas Plischke

Interdisciplinary Artist

49 years

Amongst all of the questions that resonate with you about aging and growing old, which one seems the most essential for you that you would like to share ?

How to change the perspective on ageing, that it becomes something more valid for society and is not experienced as loss of abilities only by the ageing person. How could it be a gain of "other" abilities?

Share an image you find inspiring about aging

I met Merce Cunningham in 2000 in Vienna for a dinner. What I remember most is his voice. An old voice. A very gentle voice. A knowing voice.

From your own experiences, tell us about a significant moment or event in your personal or professional life that shaped your perspective around aging.

Together with my artist partner Kattrin Deufert we did some voluntary work in an old peoples home. We sat, introduced a theme and let people talk about it, amongst each other and with us. One day we introduced the theme sexuality, as we were working on a project and we had an incredible afternoon of stories and observations. And it became clear that inter generative care, somatic practice and sexuality needs a place and voice.

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