Mathilde Benignus

Author, film and theater director

33 years

Amongst all of the questions that resonate with you about aging and growing old, which one seems the most essential for you that you would like to share ?

How can women live better at an old age? By this, I mean: how can we consider the desires and needs of an aging population of mostly women, in terms of housing, cultural activities, independence and financial support? How can we reshape their role in our society?

From your own experiences, tell us about a significant moment or event in your personal or professional life that shaped your perspective around aging.

I had the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary acrobat two years ago, in the Parisian suburbs. After we posted a little ad in the local newspaper (guess who reads the local paper? Bingo: elderly people), we went out to meet old ladies to perform a special “lift” in their homes. How these women were open-minded and showed ease with refinement, how they trusted the acrobat and his project proved that they had courage to spare… and great humour!

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