Caroline Gagnon

Programme coordinator - Goethe-Institut

55 years

Amongst all of the questions that resonate with you about aging and growing old, which one seems the most essential for you that you would like to share ?

I am afraid of being isolated.

Share an image you find inspiring about aging

Recently, I heard the story of a woman who lived her most beautiful love relationship at the age of 82. So, you can still have fulfilling experiences at an older age.

From your own experiences, tell us about a significant moment or event in your personal or professional life that shaped your perspective around aging. Many years ago, we had a project with a lady, who opened the first office for landscape architecture in Canada in the 1950s. Two years ago, I heard from her again. She was 97 and still working as a landscape architect. I hope I will be able to work and enjoy life at an older age too.

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